The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Perfect Maid of Honor

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Being chosen as the maid of honor is a special honor, and it comes with certain responsibilities. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to be the perfect maid of honor:

Do Discuss Your Level of Involvement
As the maid of honor, it’s important to have a conversation with the bride to discuss how you can best support her during the wedding planning process. Be open about your availability and willingness to help, and discuss the level of involvement and support upfront .

Do Check-In With the Bridal Party
As the maid of honor, you are often the point person for any bridesmaid-related questions or concerns. Take the initiative to lead the communication within the bridal party and keep everyone informed about the wedding-related details .

Do Be Supportive and Genuine
Remember that the bride chose you to be her maid of honor for a reason. Be your true self and provide genuine support to the bride throughout the wedding planning process. Show your enthusiasm and be there for her when she needs you .

Do Prepare a Thoughtful Speech
If you are asked to give a maid of honor speech, take the time to prepare a thoughtful and heartfelt speech. Consider the couple’s relationship, share personal anecdotes, and express your well wishes for their future together.

Do Attend Wedding-Related Events
Make an effort to attend wedding dress shopping and fittings if the bride invites you. Your presence and support during these events can mean a lot to the bride .

Don’t Overwhelm the Bride
While it’s important to be supportive, it’s equally important not to overwhelm the bride. Find the right balance between offering help and giving her space to make decisions. Respect her boundaries and be mindful of any family dynamics that may need to be navigated .

Don’t Be Unreliable
Being a maid of honor is a significant responsibility. Make sure you are reliable and committed to fulfilling your duties. If you accept the role, be prepared to follow through on your commitments and be there for the bride when she needs you .

Don’t Avoid Public Speaking
If you are nervous about public speaking, don’t let it hold you back from being a maid of honor. Embrace the opportunity to share your love and support for the couple. Prepare your speech in advance and practice to build your confidence. Remember, the focus is on celebrating the couple, and your words will be appreciated.


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